Meet me at the following events and conferences:

  • “Open Education and Quality: The Need for Changing Strategies and Learning Experiences” at: International UNESCO IITE Conference in St. Petersburg, Russian Federation (2016)

I was pleased to be invited as keynote speaker and to contribute to the following events and conferences:

  • “Open Learning for Smart Education: Open educational policies, strategies and access for all”, Keynote at: IEEE EDUCON in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (2016)
  • “To share or not to share. On Open Educational Policies, Methodologies and Resources”, Keynote at: L√¶ringsfestivalen in Trondheim, Norway (2016)
  • “Quality Education through Innovation and ICT: Opportunities or Contradiction?”, Keynote at: UNESCO IITE Conference on Quality Education in Moscow (2014)
  • “Quality for and through Innovations”, Keynote at: BI2020 Conference “Quality through Innovation” in Oslo, Norway (2014)
  • “Quality for Education through Innovation and e-Learning”, Keynote at: International 5th Conference on eLearning in Belgrade, Serbia (2014)
  • “Innovation and Quality in E-Learning and Standardization: Open Learning for All”, Keynote at: International Conference on eTextbooks in Montreal, Canada (2014)
  • “Quality Development, Evaluation and Impact Measurement in Learning, Education and Training”, Keynote at: International ETESBS Conference in Shanghai, China (2013)
  • “Quality & Innovation in E-Learning: What is most important?”, Keynote at: Conference “Identifying Policies, Standards and Best Practice” in Nairobi, Kenya (2012)
  • “Competences and Skills in the Digital Age”, Keynote at: International Open Forum on Technology-Enhanced Learning in Shanghai, China (2011)
  • Keynote at International Metadata Conference MTSR in Alcal√°, Spain (2010)
  • Keynote at Moscow Education Online 2010 in Moscow, Russian Federation (2010)
  • Keynote at International Conference on eLearning Quality in Bogota, Colombia (2007)
  • Keynote at e-ASEM Asia-Europe e-Learning Colloquy in Seoul, Korea (2006)