Open Discovery Space (ODS) is the largest European project ever that aimed to develop and implement a web-based access point where teachers can find high quality OER that can be used as is or adapted for their own curricula, learners and contexts. The three-year project progressed through multiple stages, guided by an innovation model for the innovation cycle containing three core phases of activity: stimulating, incubating and accelerating. These were complemented with field trials and scenarios of use, which helped test and refine the activities in the core phases to be refined through the various phases of the project. ODS was conducted by a consortium consisting of 53 partners from twenty different countries. The project achieved and exceeded all the planned key performance indicators (KPI): ODS is now actively engaging more than 3,800 Primary and Secondary European schools and over 9,000 teachers with more than 100,000 pupils. They were involved in hundreds of training activities in more than 20 countries and in more than 900 online communities of the ODS portal offering more than 1,000,000 OER.

ODS Quality Manager and Coordinator: Christian M. Stracke

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