Ethical Artificial Intelligence and Education (AI&ED) is urgently required:

Artificial Intelligence is changing our society including our education and we need to change education as a consequence.

Definitely, Artificial Intelligence is offering huge chances and potential as well as can lead to threats for our communities and the whole society.

Therefore, we need a clear, transparent and global regulation of Artificial Intelligence, in particular in the sensitive education sector and systems.

And we require both: ethical use of Artificial Intelligence in education (AIED) and education about Artificial Intelligence (AI literacy).

The broad and embracing philosophy of Open Education is offering the pedagogical and theoretical framework for an ethical and trustworthy combination of Artificial Intelligence and innovative education.

Thus, Opening Up Education by Learning Innovations is critical and needed for a better world and our future society!

International institutions (such as the Council of Europe and its AIED Expert Group) and initiative (such as the IAIED Society, the ICORE Community and the European Network “Ethical use of AI”) are addressing the pressing questions for trustworthy AI&ED.

Let us join forces to focus, research and improve what facilitates ethical Artificial Intelligence and Open Education!

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I’m looking forward to our close collaboration to offer, share and improve open learning and education!

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