I was very honoured to hold the keynote at the International Lensky Education Forum in Yakutsk: It was my first trip to Siberia and I was very curious what I could discover. I explored an unknown world with extremes (+40 degrees in summer and -45 degrees in winter) and extraordinary passion for Open Education that I had not expected.

lef_tourOverall it was a unique experience in the Republic of Sakha (formerly called Yakutia) that I do not want to miss! I was impressed by the very kind hospitality and strong focus on educational innovations that were presented during the four-day congress. And in meetings with the government as well in many personal talks with the Minister of Education Prof. Dr. Feodosia Gabysheva (left on the photo) I could feel their dedication for opening-up education in Siberia. Together with Dr. David Atchoarena, UNESCO Director for Policies and Lifelong Learning Systems (middle), we enjoyed an exciting event including 100 booths on the main Lenin Square of Yakutsk and a concluding boat trip to the UNESCO world heritage Lena pillars (photo taken on their top). And I have learned that the congress with more 3,000 participants in more than 200 events is just the starting point for a long-term and sustainable support to Open Schools and Education.

Here you can find the full description how Siberia is melting for Open Education.

And here is my keynote presentation at slideshare with open licence.

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